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I purposefully stopped myself from buying games because I mean I was like a drug addict. If the game is in my house, I’m gonna play it. No matter how hard I try to. Even if someone hides it for me I’m gonna sniff it out. I guess that would make me more like a dog actually. But like an addict dog. I mean it’s definitely not as bad as before but I once again gave into my demon that is gaming. And even though it’s been a while I think because I was so into gaming in the past that once I started gaming again, it was just like riding a bike. I went through all the stages that most gamers go through in less than a week. And I love gambling and gaming very much, only check the bcasino review by, they reviewed and analyze a lot of casinos online and create a ranking of the best online casinos. If you ever really got into a game you know exactly what stages I’m talking about.

Stage one is like when you first start playing and you’re all like: I don’t get it, I’m just playing for fun. oh I died? Haha who cares? Stage two you’re like: Yeah I kinda got it, this is starting to get fun, yeah. Stage three: Got it down. I am starting to get pretty good. Stage four: I am really good actually wow. Stage five: I am… damn good! This is getting serious, this is not a game anymore. And of course, Stage six: THIS IS NOT A GAME ANYMORE, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! If you ever really been into gaming, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Don’t even try to deny it, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, it happens to the best of us.

THE BEST OF US! Anyway, If you guys don’t already know I make these videos off things that really inspire me. And after such a long time, playing online has really inspired me. Not the games, but the people. The gaming world can be the most fun place ever. But at the same time, if you’re going to join it, you also have to deal with the most annoying people ever.

The thing is, when I was playing video games a few years ago it was already bad. It is worse now. There was always the same types of annoying people, but now there’s just more of them. And that’s why today I’m going to be talking about the most annoying gamers on the internet. MAGOTI It makes way more sense to say “Most annoying gamers online.”

But MAGO just sounds dumb… MAGOTI And because I already know I’m going to get comments about this, before I get started; I know a lot of these examples are gonna be geared around guys, and it’s not meant to be sexist at all. I know gaming isn’t all guys, there’s girl gamers too, alright? But these were inspired from real personal experiences, and majority of the time, if not… all the time, it was a guy. And let’s just be real, there are more guy gamers than there are girls.

At least for the games I’m going to be talking about. It’s not sexist, it’s just a fact. That sounded bad; it’s not- that wasn’t sexist, I- what- you I’m scared. Gender Equality!

So this is the most obvious one, so I’ll just get it out of the way. At this point, everybody knows what a Troll is, you don’t have to be a gamer to know what that is. “To upset or anger other people.” There are Trolls everywhere, but in gaming they are the most successful. Not only can they annoy you with words, But in a way they can also annoy you physically. Like they can actually ruin gameplay by doing things like: Purposefully blocking you so you can’t move anywhere, or friendly-firing: when you hurt your own teammates.

And of course you can’t forget that Trolls also love to verbally annoy you as well. They pretty much all just use the same nine-year-old tactics. Like mocking everything you say in a stupid voice. C’mon dude, we’ve gotta go get that flag. “Get the flag.

It’s okay dude, it happens to the best of us. Your mom is the best. This next guy I call the Shitake Mushroom because mushrooms are a fungus, and that’s exactly what this guy is. A [Bleep]talking fungus that is a menace to the game. Unlike the Troll, Shitake Mushrooms aren’t trying to ruin the game for you. They take the game seriously.

So seriously the moment something bad happens they begin to Shitake the entire rest of the game. I actually think these guys are even more stupid than the Trolls. Cuz almost every single one of them uses the exact same, unoriginal, overly used insults and phrases every single time. “Speak English you Chinese mother[Bleep]!”

“Speak English you gay mother[Bleep]!” Yeah, I’m from the US, but I’m not gonna lie. The majority of the Shitake Mushrooms that I came across, Ninety percent American. But that also could just be the server I play in, so… Or maybe that’s just because I can’t understand the other languages, but you guys can let me know. If you don’t know what a noob is by now, then you’re a NOOB That right there is exactly what noob callers do.

A noob is someone new to the game. And noob callers are people who absolutely must let you and everyone else in the game know that he, or she (Gender Equality) is a noob. Or at least plays like one. And noob callers are kinda like YouTube comments. They look for every single little mistake so that they can call you out on it. Wow this is so fake, at 6:36 you can clearly see the fishing line.

they messed up, they were clearly wearing a different shirt earlier. Uh, did anyone else notice that he spelled the word “the” wrong in the title for “The Noob Caller”? Yeah, we did that on purpose.

So who’s the noob now? That’s right, NOOB People who go AFK, or Away From Keyboard may not sound like the most annoying thing in the world. But when you’re playing a game online and you’re playing with other people, going AFK mid-game is not just annoying, it’s really rude. I mean, if you’re not going to be playing, go play Single Player. Go play with yourself. That’s what she said.

Or he, as well. If you’re gonna play online, you’re playing with real people, so commit to it. Imagine going AFK in real life, like say if you’re on a date.

So tell me, I mean, what was it like? The wedding was beautiful, like even though it was hot, there was a lot of dancing… Or going AFK when you’re driving your friends. Hey, where are we going? I think we just missed the turn. Or even going AFK when you’re vlogging- This guy is so damn good and so good at everything that if he ever loses or gets anything wrong it’s never his fault. Ever.

In fact most of the time it’s guys. So when a gamer-girl reveals she’s a girl by either talking on the mic, or her username or profile picture, whatever. That’s when these guys come out: the Desperate Guys. And these guys are all the same they do whatever it takes to get the girl’s attention but just in slightly different ways. First off, you’ve got the Suck-ups. They go out of their way to compliment every single little thing she does well, and cheer her up for every little thing she does wrong.

Nice shot! Good Job! Best kill I’ve seen all day! Or you got the Try-hard Guys. These are the guys who try to impress the girls by saying how good they are at this game normally, but this is just their off-day. Yeah this is uh…

This is actually my low level account, uh I have three high ranking accounts like Challenger, Global Elite It’s not really a big deal or anything… And of course, just like anywhere else on the internet you got the Douches. Hey. Hi.

I’ve got two words for you, What? Let’s [Bleep]! I mean it’s pretty self-explanatory, these people are the reason why the mute button was invented. And sometimes they’re not even doing it on purpose, they’re just annoying by accident.

They’re unaware their mic is a little too close and we can hear every single breath that they take. They get a little too into the game so they start shouting which like, blows the speakers in your headphones. They talk on the phone or like, to anyone else in the room with their mic on so that we all have to listen to it.

And of course my favorite of all the mic DJ, the guy who likes to play music for everyone through his mic. Keep your music to yourself. That one guy on the team that always gets so mad at everyone else because they’re not doing exactly what he told them to do. He thinks he’s so much better than everyone else in the team and we all should be following his exact orders.

I don’t think it is, I think I just made that up. When I make a movie one day, that’s going in. Stat Whores are people that only care about their stats. They do whatever it takes to have a good score but have no consideration for the team whatsoever. And last but not least, and one of the most irritating, The Rage Quitters When things aren’t going their way, they just quit.

But these are just regular quitters. It’s exactly how it sounds, they’re quitters with RAGE. If you don’t know what that means, here are some examples in real life. That piece of food won’t come off the dish?

RAGE QUIT! Just tied your shoes and the laces came untied again? RAGE QUIT! You didn’t get to complete your entire poop and now you have to keep wiping over and over and over? Is that a flash- You see annoying gamers are like a virus, the more you come in contact with them, the more likely it’s going to spread and create even more annoying gamers until well, that’s all there is left. So please, won’t you join me?

The gaming world is already a dark place as it is. Let’s end this vicious cycle of hate. Help us prevent the spread of annoying gamers by spreading love and happiness. and joy, and… Wow, thank you. Y’know, if you didn’t do that, I would’ve stooped to his level. I would’ve shot him, I would’ve friendly-fired.

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Why We Love Sports

There are just so many facets of sports, from AFC Wimbledon to Liverpool Football Club to, presumably, other things. Brandon just pointed out to me that there is also, for instance, the Olympics, which start today! So we’re gonna get into the history of that event and lots of others. It’s all a bit daunting, but if Serena Williams can win 22 Grand Slam titles, 4 Olympic gold medals, then I guess I can probably survive sitting in this chair and talking about gambling for a while. If you got a question where to play quickspins slots in online casinos Casinoslots SA will be the answer. Sports seem to have been around for at least as long as civilization has. Like, in Mongolia, there’s a cave painting from around 7000 BCE that depicts a wrestling match surrounded by crowds.

And in a cave in Egypt, there are paintings on rocks from at least 6,000 years ago that seem to depict humans swimming and doing archery. Now, of course, with swimming and archery and wrestling, it’s hard to know if these were sports exactly, because these were also things that people did, you know, to survive. Wrestling might just have been a relatively non-lethal form of combat, which goodness knows early humans needed, given their astonishingly high homicide rates. But then again, from swimming to running, we’re still making sports out of everyday activities. In Ancient Sumer, around 2100 BCE, the Epic of Gilgamesh gave us one of the first written accounts of sports actually being played. The sport was belt wrestling.

And around the same time in Egypt, monuments to pharaohs indicate that a number of sports were being played, including wrestling, weightlifting, long jumping, swimming, rowing, and fishing. And that brings us to Ancient Greece and the Olympics, which were first held in 776 BCE on the planes of Olympia. These proto-games are believed to have been festivals that the city states Elis and Pisa held together as part of a peace-inducing agreement. And a part of that agreement described the Olympiad, or the four-year time period between the Games which still dictates, you know, when we play them today. Historical retellings of the first official Games state that the only event that actually took place onsite was a 200 yard dash, but in later events more racing was added, followed by wrestling events. And it’s believed that part of the appeal of the early Olympics was that it encouraged men to get in shape so they could be better soldiers.

Like, running in particular was very valuable. By 708 BCE, what came to be known as the Pentathlon was added. This consisted of throwing discuses and javelins, wrestling, leaping, and, of course, running — all good skills for a soldier. Winners of events were given wreath crowns made out of the branches and leaves from a sacred olive tree and this tree was said to grow behind the local temple of Zeus. It had been planted there, supposedly, by Hercules himself.

Hercules was also seen as the founder of the original festivals that became the Games. But the Eleans, from the city of Elis, also believed that the Olympic Games were founded by their king, Iphitos, and that he had been guided to plant an olive tree that the Delphi oracle told him to plant in the same place. So a little bit confusing, but then, you know, so is most of Greek mythology. Of more concern to us, the Games were almost never interrupted. They survived during the Persian Wars of 480 BCE.

And even though they weren’t officially called the Olympics during the time the Arcadians captured the site, they were still held. The Games only halted when, in 393 CE, the Christian Byzantine Emperor Theodosius I declared them a pagan sport and banned them. The Olympics then took about, you know, 1,500 years off before being reinstated by Baron Pierre de Coubertin of France. This happened at an interesting time in world history.

Like, Coubertin was committed to the idea of health through physical education. He saw the Olympics as a dynamic way to inspire youth to be healthy, but it also created national pride. And the end of the 19th century was also a time when Europe, especially, was focused on nation-building. So two years after he initially proposed the idea, he was given permission by the French Union de Sports Athlétiques to run them.

And the first modern Olympic Games were held on Sunday March 24th 1896 in Athens, Greece. But the Olympics didn’t achieve mainstream popularity until around 1924. The ’24 Games, held in Paris, had about 3,000 athletes from 44 different countries.

For perspective, at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, England, there were about 10,700 athletes from about 204 nations. So there are lots of reasons people participate in the Olympics and watch them, but I wanna focus on national pride because it was important to Coubertin and it’s still important to us today. In 2011, the BBC Global Poll surveyed over 21,000 people from 21 different countries about the Games, and in 18 of those countries, the majority of people surveyed claimed that their team’s performance at the Olympics affected their national pride. And it’s important to many athletes as well.

Like, in 2012, 5000-metre runner Lopez Lomong wrote an off-ed in the New York Times on this topic. Lomong is from South Sudan and he lived in Kenya as a refugee for 10 years and then moved to the U.S. when he was 16-years-old and eventually, he started competing for the U.S. Olympic Team. In his essay, he wrote, “The Olympics is the ultimate show of national pride and identity.” “For me, competing in the Olympic Games has been an opportunity to thank a country that opened its arms to me 11 years ago, showing me that I mattered.”

In the end, nations are constructs. That doesn’t mean they aren’t real, but it does mean that they were invented by people. And the Olympics is one way among many that we acknowledge and affirm our nation, but also acknowledge and affirm other nations. If you’ve ever watched our Crash Course World History episode on nationalism, you’ll already know that “national pride” is a loaded phrase and that nationhood is a messy business. Like, as Bloom famously said in Ulysses, “A nation is the same people living in the same place… or also living in different places.”

And the Olympics is one of the ways we try to firm up what we mean when we talk about our country, but also other countries. But, of course, the Olympics are also about something else. They’re about selling a lot of Coca-Cola and Visa cards. If commerce makes the contemporary world go ’round, it also makes the contemporary sports world go ’round, so let’s talk about the biggest business sport of them all — soccer.

Let’s go to the Thought Bubble. Soccer, otherwise known as football or futball, is the largest and most popular sport worldwide. The Federation Internationale de Football Association, or FIFA, reports that over 240 million players exist across the planet in over 200 countries. The earliest evidence of a game like soccer comes from around 2,000 years ago during the Han Dynasty in China. People played with small leather balls and kicked them into nets and the Greeks and Romans played a similar game, but they never considered it to be an official sporting event.

Soccer persevered into the Middle Ages but was eventually banned by King Edward III in 1365 BCE and by that time it had become pretty violent, with players frequently punching and biting one another. You know, as opposed to the contemporary game where players almost never bite each other. Also soldiers became so engrossed in football that they missed drills in practices. It would be banned again in 1424 by King James I of Scotland due to similar troubles.

But soccer wove itself in and out of culture over the years until 1815, when a decisive set of laws governing the sport known as the Cambridge Rules came into being. The rules divided people. Some stuck with the set rules and played soccer as we know it today, while others preferred a more physical contact version which came to be known as rugby.

In 1863, 11 clubs and schools from London set up basic rules to govern all aspects of soccer, and that’s considered the official origin of modern football. And then, in 1904, FIFA was formed and then, just 89 short years later, in 1993, the FIFA video games were invented and changed my life forever. But anyway, thanks, Thought Bubble. So soccer has proved to be a cultural link for many nations.

Like, during the World War I 1914 Christmas truce, both the German and British troops put aside their weapons and played a friendly soccer match. Even Mahatma Gandhi regularly attended football matches. In fact, when he lived in South Africa, he created soccer clubs in cities such as Pretoria, Durban, and Johannesburg before he traveled to India to lead the fight for independence. Each of those clubs was named the Passive Resisters Soccer Club, and, by the way, women’s soccer isn’t anything new either. According to an 1869 issue of Harper’s Bazaar, women were encouraged to take part in kickabouts and pick up games.

Between 1881 and 1897, we have records of over 120 organised women’s soccer matches. But women’s soccer didn’t debut in the Olympics until 1996, when the U.S. women’s soccer team won the gold medal that year in front of record-breaking crowds of over 76,000 people. All in all, soccer has been called “the world’s game” for a reason. No other sport is as widely recognised.

There are more than 3.5 billion soccer fans. To put that in perspective, that’s over eight times the fanbase of American football. And speaking of fanbases, fans can be enthusiastic for lots of different reasons beside the national pride we talked about earlier. Like, there have been lots of research papers on why we love watching sports so much. They give us a sense of community, they boost self-esteem, they make us happy, and so on.

Of course, they also make us miserable. But it turns out some of the reasons might be purely physiological. Like, according to a 1998 study, male sports fans actually experience an increase in testosterone when their team wins. They also experience a decrease after a loss, so loving Liverpool is literally bad for my health. In another study, passionate University of Florida football fans, both men and women, were monitored while observing three different types of pictures: animal attacks, erotic scenarios, and Gators in game-winning situations. That is, you know, the team, the Gators, not actual physical alligators.

In each of those three situations, the fans had high physiological arousal, as evidenced by their heart rates, brain waves, and perspiration. And some experts believe that the brains of spectators actually go through very similar things as the brains of players. Like, one study showed that the same neurons fire when you’re watching someone take a free throw as when you actually take a free throw. But, of course, there’s also a wonderful community aspect to fandom. You find people who can share with you in your joy and sorrow. Experiences that are usually socially unacceptable, like hugging strangers or weeping in public, are suddenly okay.

And, at their best, sports also unite nations, and bring players and fans together, and teach us not just how to win well, but also how to lose well and how to empathise with the experiences of our opponents, whether it’s in the Olympics or the World Cup or Little League Baseball. André has talked a lot in this series about communities that form around card games like Pokemon, or board games like Settlers of Catan, or video games like Halo. I guess the big difference between Halo fans and Liverpool fans is that, like, Halo fans are playing Halo whereas most Liverpool fans never actually play for Liverpool Football Club. But I’d argue that sports fans are a part of the game. They make themselves part of the game by singing and chanting and cheering. And they’re the ones who collectively decide and continue the culture and traditions of a sports team.

And sports are also important because so often they service as a microcosm to the failures and successes of the social order in which they are played. I think we like sports, and games in general, because they aren’t like life, because they aren’t as random and arbitrary as life often feels. And plus, just like wrestlers tens of thousands of years ago, when sports work, they give us this non-lethal way of having arguments, of creating tribes, of getting mad at each other, of feeling the joy of winning and losing without having lethal violence. That’s my half-hearted defence of my all-encompassing love of football.

At least I’m not killing anyone! Thanks for watching. You’ll see André next week. Crash Course Games is filmed in the Chad and Stacey Emigholz Studio in Indianapolis, Indiana, and it’s made with the help of all these nice people. If you’d like to keep Crash Course free for everyone forever, you can support the series at Patreon, a crowdfunding platform that allows you to support the content you love.

Speaking of Patreon, we’d like to thank all our patrons in general, and we’d like to specifically thank our High Chancellor of Knowledge, Morgan Lizop, and our Vice Principal, Michael Hunt. Thank you for your support.

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Make Money on Stock Trading

It’s all about the glamor side of things. Get rich quick, you know. Whether it be real estate or trading or read this book and it’ll teach you how to make money and you don’t have to do anything. There’s all sorts of stuff out there that is just all about “look how much money I can make. “You can get rich by playing online casino games, check this top paying casino review 2020  from based on millions user reviews and polls.”

And while trading, in and of itself is a very lucrative business, can be very profitable. The reality of the situation is, it’s not a get rich quick, it’s not get rich over night, there’s nothing like that that happens. This video probably isn’t the best if I was really trying to convert a bunch of people into customers because I’m not going to sit here and tell you how glamorous everything is because there’s a lot of work that goes into becoming a successful trader. So I just want to talk about the reality of it.

It’s one of those things, it’s easy to dream but to go from the dream to the reality, that’s where a lot of people are, all of a sudden, almost feel scammed, because they think, “wait a second, “I have to go through all this? “I want the fancy cars, I want the big house, “I want all the vacations, I want all the jewelry, “but I gotta go through all this first? “Wait a second.” So that’s what I want to talk about. I want to break things into two parts. First we have the dream.

In our case, the dream is to become, make enough money, I don’t know what your dream is, but let’s just say you want to become a successful stock trader. You want to live a nice comfortable life, be your own boss, work from home, whatever that may be. But that’s the dream. And over here we have reality. So it’s one thing to dream, but to actually get to reality there’s quite a bit of stuff that needs to happen.

I just wanna kinda go through a little things and just show you the reality of the situation, where if you want to actually get from dream to reality I’m sorry to tell you, but this time frame right here, this time frame is not, it is not quick nor is it overnight, as much as some people wanna make it seem like, “Oh yeah, this stuff, don’t worry about it. “Overnight I’ve got the perfect system, use my strategy, “you’ll be making money right away.” I mean, gimme a break. From here to here, it’s not quick and it’s not going to be overnight success. It’s not going to be get quick in a very short amount of time. What are some of these things that you need to make a reality?

Well, first with trading you just simply need to save money. Why do you need to save money? You need money into your trading account. Maybe you already have money. That’s great, you can skip over this.

But as much as people want to portray the dream, you do need to have some money that you can use in your trading account. That’s going to be the first part of the area that you need to get in order to move to reality. You just simply need money.

If you don’t have money, start saving money. Go get a job, maybe clear up some things in your budget. You need to save money. Save, not a very attractive word. “Oh, I gotta save money?” Well, yeah, you need money to make money.

Next thing you need to get is this simply training. “Wait, I gotta get trained? “I can’t just all of a sudden “I’ve got money, but I can’t all of a sudden get rich “just because I follow somebody’s system?” Try that out on yourself and let me know how that turns out. I guarantee it’s not going to work very well.

You need to learn how to play the game. You need to learn how to form strategies, systems, implement rules, and then follow those rules. Lots of it goes into training and this is a very crucial part of it.

It’s one of those things where, if you don’t learn how to play the game, you’re never gonna know how to play the game. So it shouldn’t be very shocking when you never actually reach reality. Again, lot of people wanna skip over that and it just gets very messy very quick.

And here’s another huge one that costs so many people. Paper trading. After you get money and then you go through training, now you wanna paper trade. Paper trading is simply just not using real money. It’s just pretending, using your imagination.

Actually, if you click up on the annotation that pops up right now, I have a video on how to paper trade, so you can watch that. But I’ll be the first to admit, this one, not very glamorous, not very appealing. You’re never gonna hear the people that are all about wanting you to buy this and that and the other, buy my system, buy this strategy, whatever. You’re not gonna hear them talk about paper trade because it’s not very attractive.

It’s not a good marketing pitch. I guess that’s the best way to put it. This is not good for marketing. That’s not good for advertising, to say that “but before you can start “now you have to paper trade.” Especially after you just got done training. But you’ve got to start to practice what you’ve learned up here in training.

So paper trade, another very important thing and that happens during the transition to actual reality. The next thing. Start small.

Again, are you gonna make a bunch of money if you start small using small amounts of money, small amounts of position size? No, you’re not gonna make a bunch of money but, it’s going to keep your risk under control and when you’re first getting started and especially just moving out of the paper trading stage you’re gonna want to start small and keep things within a very controlled environment. Share size, money size is a great way to do that. Again, not very attractive. Not exactly the most appealing in the world of marketing and advertising and getting you excited to try to become a trader.

But, you know what? We’re talking about reality and this is what needs to happen. And then finally, you really need to become a very good master at managing risk. So many people overlook this and this come into play through training, assuming you get the right training. But you gotta learn how to manage risk.

If you don’t know how to manage risk, then it’s one of those things where you’re not gonna be around very long and you’re gonna let some position go way against you, take a big loss on it. Then either you could be back here, “Whoop, I’m outta money so now I gotta start saving money.” Or it’s just gonna distort everything. Nobody really wants to devote much time to managing risk. But again, that’s why it comes from start small.

Managing risk, a great first step to do that is to start small and that’s gonna help you start to learn how to manage risk. But all these things need to be done before you have any chance at over here. And notice I used the word “chance”. There are no such things as a guarantee.

As much as some people want you to believe that “follow me, subscribe to my service, buy my products, “you will be rich like me,” as much as that is out there that’s just not the reality. You have a chance if you do these things right. The thing is, most people don’t do these things right. Heck, most people don’t even do all of these things let alone do them right.

Maybe kinda anti-climactic as this video may be, this is all very important. This is just the reality of the situation. If you want any chance at success of taking a dream into reality, first off know that none of this is quick, none of it’s over night. It takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, it takes a lot of practice, it takes these things and then you have a chance at reality, whatever your reality is.

Whether it is having a fancy house, or maybe simply working from home, being your own boss, being able to spend more time with your family. I don’t know what your reality is, but in order to get to it, a lot of things need to be done and they need to be done right. So keep this stuff in mind. Don’t fall for all those marketing gimmicks and advertising where all you see is all the fancy material possessions. ‘Cause, yeah, that stuff can be nice but to get to there, it’s not quite as easy as simply subscribing to a service or buying somebody’s product. I mean, think about it, if it was that easy to just buy a service or buy somebody’s product, I think all sorts of people would be driving around in super fancy cars, everybody would have mansions, everybody would have big boats, everybody would have fancy jewelry.

You get the point with that. So, if it was that easy, if you didn’t have to do any of this, there would be a lot more people that were living the reality that these people try to perceive to you. So keep this stuff in mind and just start to get grounded.

Go into it with a realistic mind set and it’s going to make your life much easier. Thanks for taking the time to watch this video. If you enjoyed what you saw, please do a couple things.

Click the like button down below if you’re watching this on YouTube. If you’re watching this on my site, please click that share button up above and leave comments. I like to hear from people that are already a part of the community or if maybe you’re passing through or whatever, I like to hear from people. I do my best to interact within a prompt manner. So by all means, please leave comments or questions, if you have anything like that.

Thanks again for watching. Remember, get out there, keep things in a realistic viewpoint, and trade without emotion.

Casino Story

online casino

I’ve just remembered where I know this street from. Grom GTA of course, GTA San Andreas (a game). We’ve arrived at “The D” hotel, It’s 4AM, the place is stacked with people. Playing on slot machines.

It appears I cannot record here. In Vegas, even the hairdresser cannot be “normal”. This guy is a big fan of heavy-metal music, and rock. Even his look can tell you a lot. On the walls – lots of vinyl covers, posters photos with biggest stars in music industry, and a collection of musical instruments, mainly electric guitars. Surprisingly, usual haircut costs only 10$.

On every step you can find places to marry, sometimes you don’t even have to get out of the car, it’s all handled in a window, just like in McDonald’s. You have 2 main places in Vegas. The Strip, a street which is the heart of modern Vegas, All of the most luxurious hotels are there (like Bellagio and Ceazar’s Pallace), …also famous restaurants like Ramsey Gordon’s and Eiffel Tower Restaurant.

The second place is the “old” Vegas, a street named “Freemont Street Experience” …where our hotel is. The street is almost entirely covered with an enormous, curved LCD screen, …on which 12 million LCD panels light up to show you illuminations, videos, and of course – advertisements. I’m on Freemont Street Experience, …and I’m overwhelmed, We’ve bought a triple drink for 24$. It’s not a place for me. Time to get wasted!

Remember the episode I told you not to worry if somebody calls you a freak? Vegas redefines that term. The more bizarre you are, the better. Look at this guy’s face, he gulps, couldn’t help it xD He’s probably stressed that his wife will see him in the Internet. Boredom, I’m bored!

Of course only for introverts without money… Vegas is also the capital of sex. Sex-shops big like markets, museums …and erotic shows. We are decent people, so we’re not going there of course. (Sally: Oooww, shoes!) On the last day, Sally’s birthday, we’re going to New Vegas, to The Strip. Of course at night, life during the day seems not to exist, …because of terrible heat…and the phenomenon called “hangover”.

It’s Tuesday, 9:00 PM. Vegas is enormous and everywhere you go, you can find an online casinos, especially from Ireland or offline with lots of people in them. And in most cases, all of them mainly loose money.

Top 4 biggest casinos in Vegas have a revenue of more than 1 billion dollars per year EACH, …which is about 2,5 million per day. 2,5 million dollars Americans loose every day, in just one casino. On The Strip there is more than 40 casinos, and more than 100 in whole city. God bless America. Directly from the street you walk in here, …carpets, We’re going to see the Fountains Show… …in front of Bellagio*.

That’s why I don’t like vising big cities. I feel overwhelmed with all of this, …and I cannot fit in. And this is… one of the biggest cities, you can say. Maybe not the biggest, but… … you can’t deny it’s activeness.

I like Old Vegas more, the Freemont Street Experience. We are back to out hotel, We meet a local guy with his friend. Notice how he’s going to refer to playing on slot machines. Locals know there is no point in that. *smells his breath* Unfortunately, our room safe is empty.

Didn’t win anything. I lost 9$ yesterday xD I didn’t plan Vegas at all, …so I don’t have any budget for… …loosing money. That was all I could afford xD Maybe I will go again and play roulette, I have some experience with that but… …nothing major. We’re leaving Freemont St Experience, The D hotel, *translates* And we’re going to Airbnb near the Strip, the new Vegas.

We’re hangover a little bit, so I hope they have Netflix there and I will be able… …to just lay down and relax, …because instead of charging up batteries for the trail, party hard xD We drunk quite some yesterday. We met a funny guy, with his “best friend”, which he was touching and kissing all the time… “But…” “I would never risk a divorce with my wife…” So I had good fun about Vegas people. There are no windows and clocks in casinos, …so the people playing are not able to feel the time passing by. Because of that, the view is always the same, no matter …if it’s morning, evening, or middle of the night. It’s so incredibly hot I cannot believe somebody can live here.

The air is just burning my skin, I didn’t experience anything like that on PCT desert, Apparently, it’s a hotter desert here, In fact, Nevada is mainly a desert I suppose, …and it’s summer. It’s 21st of June today. So it’s summer already. But it’s so incredibly hot, I would like not to have anything in common with this place soon.

We’re walking by a classic McDonald’s, …build probably in the beginning of the company, ..when they used to build them with yellow arcs. And that’s how McDonnald’s logo was invented. It’s 42℃ (108℉) in shade.

We’re having problems with leaving Vegas. We’ve been standing for 3 hours, …in a good place and nobody stopped, I had an impression from people looking, if you don’t have money (a car) here, are nobody. That’s my impression, they were turning back, Just some of them were waving, or smiling.

Nobody stopped, so we’re back at McDonald’s, After analyzing our situation, I came with an idea that… …maybe because we didn’t have a chance to take a picture with the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign… …the city doesn’t want us to leave. So we ordered Uber to get there, we made a quick photo, and now we’re next to Shelby Museum, If you don’t know, Shelby is a museum of work and life, of a car designer named Shelby. But I’m not gonna lengthen this episode, …so the material from Shelby Museum will be in next, special episode.

Top 25 Best Free iOS Games

25 is Vainglory Who would’ve thought that a MOBA game could invade mobile gaming? Developer Super Evil Megacorp gives you a game that has already been dominating the Mobile E-Sports scene with its ever-growing roster of heroes and thrilling 3 versus 3 battles. Enjoy its stunning visuals, deep strategy, collectible skins and smooth 60 frames per second with responsive touch controls.

No wonder this became an E-Sport. Just like any other MOBA game, teamwork and skill are the secrets to win battles. It has a PlayScore of 8.72 24 is Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre!

Originally a browser favorite, this guy finds its way into the mobile platforms. Your favorite luchador returns with more smacking, slipping, splashing and basically just breaking things where they do not belong. This time, fend off hordes of adorable cute gummies as your secret salsa recipe has been stolen by an evil chef! Players can finally play different characters such as El Pollo and be able to customize them for more insane drop-kick actions. The bigger the points, the spicier the game becomes! It has a PlayScore of 8.72 In number 23 is Castle Doombad: Free To Slay Even the title checks out!

From the creators of Robot Unicorn Attack and Super Mole Escape comes a game that wraps evil in a new hilarious package. Play as the mad scientist Dr. Lord Evilstein who just kidnapped a very important princess. The gameplay is like most defense games, but with a twist. Instead of defending against hordes of evil creatures, you must defend your castle from being broken apart by heroes. Place traps, lure them, and watch them burn in this crazy game.

A PlayScore of 8.73 22nd in the list Land Sliders The game is as simple as it could get. As the title implies, you’ll have to slide across maps to collect things and beat enemies. Land Sliders is a colorful blend of exploration and collecting beautiful things around it’s overworld. Choose from its various cast of characters and slide into its Western-inspired worlds. It’s free to play and it breathes of relaxation and comfort. Take some time to explore its different levels, gather the rarest objects and have fun.

It has a PlayScore of 8.73 21st is Bardbarian Being a bard is boring as hell, dude. That’s why this guy takes it to a whole new level. Meet Brad, who has had enough of the town’s annoying raiders and enemies that he decided to make an army of his own. Be a badass Bardbarian in its bombastic battle bombshells.

Use your magical axe-lute to summon waves after waves of friends of friends to survive against waves after waves of enemies. Boss fights are intense and the enemies don’t get easier at each turn. If it’s not enough for you, try playing its Endless Mode to experience the might of the Bardbarian!

It has a PlayScore of 8.75 In number 20 is Capitals: Free Word Battle Similar to most social games, Capitals is a fun word-game that exudes of verbose vocabulary and the vehement victories of the valiants. No, really, it’s such a fun game to play with your friends and compete throughout the game’s leaderboard. Knock out your opponent’s knowledge and make sure you pick up a dictionary after playing this game! It has a PlayScore of 8.75 Ranked 19th is ZENONIA 4 Step into this beautiful RPG that has spanned greatness across its multiple titles.

This time, it has embraced the technical advancements of modern mobile hardware to create a more vivid and High Quality RPG experience. Experience its fast-paced combat coupled with an incredible amount of customization options for your party. Gather your friends as you embark on a mission to rid the world of an ancient evil waiting to strike. In addition, its PVP mechanic further increases the game’s replayability.

It has a PlayScore of 8.79 Number 18 in this ranking is Robot Unicorn Attack 2 Adult Swim Games’ makes yet another trippy game to challenge its predecessor. This time, the world is oozing with mesmerizing visuals and the return of its signature craziness makes it a fantastic sequel. Journey around its cosmic world and decide between its two teams to fight for the leaderboards. And of course, customizing your own unicorn is such a blast! I don’t know, dude. I just want my unicorn to be as better as yours!

It has a PlayScore of 8.82 17th is Uppercup Football So according to the developers, this is a soccer game that doesn’t necessarily follow the basic rules of soccer. I mean, why not? Enjoy its adorable pixel art style and the single-tap action to kick, kick, and kick your way to the goal. Play through it’s unique crafted levels and immerse yourself in its numerous inside jokes about soccer.

Also, the game is not entirely free since most of the missions are paid after you progress to over 25 levels. It has a PlayScore of 8.83 In 16th place is Crossy Road Now’s probably the right time to put the age old question to the test, “Why did the chicken really cross the road?”. We don’t need to say it because it’s obvious that he just wants to get to the other side.

Enjoy this simple and intuitive platformer that borrows inspirations from various Frogger games. The goal of the game is simple, avoid the perils of mass transit by guiding your little chicken through heavy traffic. Keep her safe and make sure she gets to the objective as fast as she can. I told you it’s simple. It has a PlayScore of 8.85 15 is Super Stickman Golf 3 This award winning stickman game gets to return in its third charm. This time, content has been improved so much that it almost feels like a completely different game.

Enjoy its card collecting options, seamless multiplayer and the new, insane power ups to beat your friends. The game has over 20 uniquely designed courses and the feature to play in either turn-based or real-time. Prove that you’re the best golfer around! It has a PlayScore of 8.86 In number 14 is Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time The sequel to the critically acclaimed Plants vs Zombies makes a return and it’s ready to rip the fabric of space and time. Help Krazy Dave as he discovers a machine capable of turning back to time… all for a taco. Enjoy the game’s new and interesting worlds from various time periods, new power-up options and of course, NEW PLANTS AND ZOMBIES!

This game has been consistently releasing new updates to its lawn and it just keeps getting better. It has a PlayScore of 8.87 13 is Pretentious Game Okay, hear us out. Is this game a bit too pretentious? Well, the devs say so and we’ll be the judge of that. This originally crafted tale about two boxes trying to find their way to each other is a charming example of puzzle platforming.

Play as a Blue Square trying to reach his Pink Sweetheart in every stage. Levels get increasingly hard as you progress and the story grows more… different. It’s a very innovative game that has won numerous awards with a PlayScore of 8.88. Ranked 12 is Skiing Yeti Mountain This mobile extreme-sports game takes on two different things: Skiing and Yeti’s. But is there a Yeti to find? Unleash your skills into its aesthetically pleasing visuals and intuitive touch controls to make you feel the breeze of the chilly air it delivers.

There are over a hundred of slalom tracks to discover and characters to meet. Overcome its mountain challenges as you slide, skid, jump and find the elusive Yeti. It receives PlayScore of 8.89 In number 11 is Asphalt 8: Airborne The front-runner of mobile racing games. Asphalt makes a stunning return to mobile gaming with more than the usual offerings. It comes with over 150 licensed cars to choose from, realistic graphics and a multiplayer experience worth your time.

This is not your typical mobile racing game. Customize your wheels and take it for a spin with over 40 challenging tracks. Not to mention the game has its daily rewards to win big! Asphalt 8 gets a PlayScore of 8.89 10th is Starlit Adventures You could say that this game is L I T 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. Anyway, Starlit Adventures is a fun, free-to-play action-platformer.

Help Bo and Kikki find their magical stars lost in the Lower Lands and return it to the Upper Lands. Explore 8 beautiful worlds, fight nightmarish creatures and enjoy its brain-teasing puzzles. It features unique visuals not commonly-seen in mobile. Including the ability to record your video, do challenges and prove your rank against friends. Starlit Adventures receives a PlayScore of 8.89 Ranked 9th is Nightmare’s From Deep: Siren’s Escape A sequel to the point-and-click adventure game The Cursed Heart.

Play as Sarah Black as she witnesses a growing mystery around the Kingsmouth, a cursed fishing town of a forgotten past. The game remains the same with its predecessors. It’s still a hidden object adventure game that tasks players to find the required amount of objects to finish a level. Solve the looming mystery of the town and be very afraid of the Kraken.

It has a PlayScore of 8.91 8th is Good Knight Story There’s so many things to say about this game. Apparently, it’s a puzzle game and at the same time it’s also an RPG. A bitof both. You play as a lone knight that just got a severe hangover from the night before. You wake up with no recollection of what just happened and you travel between taverns and taverns to find your answer.

Don’t ask. Just play it. The gameplay revolves around its match-three puzzle style similar to Bejeweled. By using the correct matches, your good sir will attack enemies according to its color. Power up your hero as you progress harder dungeons and remember what really happened during that night.

It has a PlayScore of 9.00 In number 7 is BitCoin Billionaire This game is just like your typical idle-clicker experience. All you have to do is start from scratch. You have nothing but a PC and a poorly crafted desk in a four cornered room.

The goal is to mine as many BitCoin as possible to earn money and watch your empire grow. Customize your room from the exotic to the sublime. Keep your character awesome as he could be and don’t forget to invest in the abused stuff!

Not to mention this game has time travel feature. I mean, why not? It has a PlayScore of 9.00 6th is Super Cat Tales A game that takes the power of feline fun into a mobile game is not what we expected. Look at Neko Atsume, and now look at this game. Take control of a clowder of cats in this adorable platformer. Choose between its various feline types and jump, climb, swing, run and more.

All you have to do is adapt to the basic touch controls and it’s gonna be easy. With more than 50 levels to play, cute pixel arts and tons of secrets to discover, you’re gonna have a good run with these adorable kittens. It has a PlayScore of 9.05 Number 5 is Blendoku 2 The ability to distinguish colors is a gift from the gods. In this game, use this ability to solve a conundrum of colors in its unique “Color Theory Crafting” gameplay. It’s a sequel to their first game that also garnered positive praise. There are over 500 levels of mind-bending color puzzles from its wide array of color palettes.

Use your head and try to see which is which. Additionally, the game now has a zoom option and a new painting mode and so much more. It has a PlayScore of 9.09 Ranked number 4 is Bullet Hell Monday Three words that you wish you could never name a game with. Apparently, they just did.

BHM is, well, of course, a Bullet Hell Game. It has over 50 levels of hair-tearing and carpal-tunnel inducing moments. Similar to Galaga and classic games, all you have to do is survive a barrage of bullets from various enemies you encounter.

The boss fights get so intense and the number of psychedelic colors popping on screen is a clever touch to add tension. Upgrade your ship and do whatever it takes to survive Bullet Hell. It doesn’t even have to be Monday. A PlayScore of 9.09 Third is Dan The Man The creators of JetPack Joyride and Fruit Ninja gives you a brand new IP that borrows so many inspirations from classic platformers. This time, follow Dan and his girlfriend to stop waves of enemies from an evil organization.

The game has intense hand-to-hand combat, colorful pixel graphics and memorable boss fights. Survive it’s over 12 levels by punching, kicking and basically beating the hell out of evil goonies. If you’re still up for the challenge, test your reflexes in its Survival Mode for an even more difficult experience. It has a PlayScore of 9.15 Second is Planet Quest This is the kind of rhythm game that takes itself seriously. But, at the same time, adds layers and layers of variety. By variety, we mean humanoid flowers, aliens and a spaceship ready to follow the beat.

The game is simple but difficult to master. Use its one-tap action to perfectly time the beat and gain the highest score in its extraterrestrial fun. The game switches to various songs seamlessly and it’s always best played wearing headphones. It has a PlayScore of 9.22 And the number 1 Free iOS Game of 2016 is Kingdom Rush! This is the current front-runner of the Tower Defense genre on the iOS. Spanning spin-offs and sequels, even prequels!

Ironhide’s Kingdom Rush series continues to dominate the TD scene. It’s a fun strategy game that blends difficult planning, well-balanced units and intuitive controls. Players must really maximize the potential of their resources to gain an edge in battle.

Use the four pillars of defense to bolster your army and defend your kingdom. Choose from the Barracks, Artillery, Magic Tower and Archer Tower to take out various enemies. Survive waves after waves of monsters while you upgrade, customize and seize control of the battlefield. It has a PlayScore of 9.32 and there’s no denying that this is the best Free iOS Games

Traveling to Gamble

When you want to take a break from online casinos and playing on the Internet, why not head to a great location where you can wager in land-based facilities. No matter where you are on the planet, there are many great gaming holiday destinations. Whether you want to head to Las Vegas, Mississippi, Atlantic City, Macau, South Africa, Monaco, or many other great gaming destinations, you will find that any and all areas where there are land-based gaming facilities, there are great vacation spots too. Gaming holidays are not just for betting money anymore, you can take the whole family and enjoy the best of both worlds – spending time with your family and gaming. Even if you are traveling alone or with a group of friends, there is something for everyone.

Las Vegas has much more to offer than gaming these days, Mississippi has great Gulf beaches, and Atlantic City is a great beach getaway too. If you are looking to take a break from online gambling and want to hit a brick and mortar gaming facility the limits are endless. There are almost as many land casinos as there are on the Net!

Now that online casinos are so plentiful, almost all of them are trying hard to compete for your business. To get you to become a loyal player, is now offering more than just cash giveaways and great tourneys. Players online get to take advantage of extra player perks like becoming eligible to free trip giveaways to the most exotic and beautiful locations all over the world, WSOP seats, cars, electronics devices, new computers and so much more. Many online gambling sites give players these perks just for being loyal players. SO be sure to check to see what an Internet betting site has to offer you besides game selection and customer services – look for the biggest and best prize giveaways too.

What is the Best Arbitrage Betting Software in 2018?

Hi guys Max here with a quick video to go over what is the best arbitrage betting software in 2017? This article is for people who have a basic understanding of what sports arbitrage. Betting is. If you don’t, then read the summary below or check the article for more details So quickly, arbitrage, betting, isn’t gambling it’s where there’s an opportunity to make a guaranteed profit, no matter the outcome, because the bookmakers odds are so far apart.

The software basically calculates this Because it can be hard to find the bets manually, arbitrage, betting software tracks odds quickly and then calculates the stakes needed in order to make the maximum profit punters usually end up making three to ten percent ROI off these bets, which quickly Adds up over time, I received emails.

All the time debating the question which arbitrage betting software is the best, and how much should I spend on finding arb software? Just a quick note, I’m affiliated with bet flow, it’s my baby, so if this is a little bit bias, I’m trying to be as even as possible – and you know talk through all the many different competitors you all have decent software out there, but I just thought: I’D, let you know, and also I’m going to stop for two seconds and please subscribe i’ll wait. and help me continue. Making videos like this.

I’Ve got many more coming up and it really means a lot that you guys subscribe. The problem with arb betting software’s.

It can be hard to know which one to choose: almost all of them have arb betting calculators, but only some of them have quick updating odds and good customer service. Every arb finding software makes great claims that not all of them live up to them. So in this article I’ll go over the best arb betting software and the pros and cons that follow So option number one free arbitrage, betting software. Should you do it, there’s a number of free stuff out there and I think it should be avoided number one.

It has very weird odds like at odds markets like Russian Premier League and weird stuff like that, which is you know the bookmakers.

Don’T like it too much because it’s a bit dodgy many thousands of people jump on these free herbs because they mainly get most of their money through bookmaker affiliate accounts. So you know, because thousands of people jump on they’ll be able be able to see that no way you’re getting it from, and it’s just generally not a good thing. Also, it can be frustrating the odds, don’t update, quickly, you’re going to be manually, searching for these weird markets through these bookmakers and then by the time you reach it, it will have changed and that is so annoying.

You know I, despite these limitations, free arb finders can be good. You know just to have a look at certain.

You know Arbs before jumping into a subscription with a with a better product. It can be good to learn the ropes and just sort of see that the you know these are opportunities exist, option number two using much betting software like odds money or profit accumulates for arbitrage, even though these softwares are for match betting. They also now have added in features where they show. You know.

Slight arbitrage opportunities is by no means perfect.

You know these I’d say it’s a good option if you’re a beginner, maybe although even if you’re a beginning, you haven’t taken the free bets, you can take advantage of those free bets with arbitrage and actually make you know double the amount from the free bet. There’S there’s another video on my channel. That explains that in more detail that you should definitely check out, usually they’re slim profit again, there’s thousands of members. They don’t put practices in place to reduce ARBs or anything like that to show to the members to thousands of people jump up, which is a bit dodgy.

You know because it’s a match, betting service, see you know, you’ll be able to see where they came from the bookmakers well see where you came from odds, also move quickly, which can be frustrating.

As I said, I mean if you don’t have more than 100 pounds bankroll. You know it would be worth a go: wads monkey or profit accumulator.

If not I’d, go with the reasonably priced arbitrage. Software number three expensive arbitrage software services as many of these, so there is price options like rebel betting, odd storms that burger all around 120 pounds plus a month.

So if you’re, not a you, know, arbitrage betting, veteran, you spend a lot of your month chasing the profit and they don’t provide free trial, our in-depth tutorials, but all Arb finder software contains more features, focus on making our betting easier. Better.

Our finder the match, betting software, some more options, more unique Arbs odds, update more quickly and bigger abs, which means more profit, also their stuff like um. It takes you to the bet flip with deep linking so the bookmakers don’t see, and it makes it much easier to place the best rebel betting. It’S not a cloud-based software, so you have to download it and it can only be run on Windows. But you know that’s one of the originals.

I respect these guys. They have a large number of filters and Arbs.

They have good navigation, good filters and they support 60-plus bookmakers oddstorm. You know that they update quickly user interfaces and my favorite of all the options again.

Like all are betting software, they take me straight to the event page of single click support sixty plus bookmakers. I think rebelbetting is a bit more accurate when it comes to. I think there’s been some reports with with with odd storm and maybe bet burger of you know, events being strange or be awesome movie. You know, betburger is sort of the slightly more recent Arb software being used.

A lot again, it has, you know, adds to use a straight to the betslip. The you know has lots of it’s very good for live arbs as well, which quite intense because things are moving, but you know bet burger is quite a solid option.

I mean the above options are good.

Obviously, as you see like most of them, you know it can go up to like 150-200 pounds a month which is pretty intense, so you need many thousands to invest and kind of know what you’re doing in order for that to be a good option. But you know I definitely recommend those options, probably sort of betburger and rebelbetting oddstorm’s, not too bad. But you know what we’re going to look at is an opportunity to have a reasonably price arbitrage software, which has a you know, seven day free trial and also has you know basically all of those features so Betslayer.

As I told you, I’m affiliated with it only 49 pounds a month, it’s good for people have a bit of experience, betting, but limited experience with arb betting is quick to update.

We add to betslip. We’Ve got a good selection of bookies, I think around like 32 and yeah. We also pride ourselves on our customers for and the content, as you can see on this YouTube channel, we’re all about providing through content, and you know, make lots of arb binders are complicated with bets there. We try to make it as simple as possible, so you don’t have to be like a Forex trader to do it and we also make sure all our arbitrage bets are unique, which reduces the you know, amount of account limitations, and you know we still have many.

Many Arbs, with taking some practice in place to make sure that thousands of people don’t take it and end up.

You know, God forbid, getting their accounts limited. So thanks for watching this, video, please subscribe and you know, means a lot and also we give lots of goodies to our subscribers. Like you know, there’s opportunities for free subscriptions and also great content.

Definitely do that thanks for watching this video to the end and please check out other videos, maybe like subscribe and comment with any questions you may have and I’ll be sure to personally respond to all of them.


How to Play Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle in 4 Minutes – The Rules Girl

I’m the Rules Girl, and this is Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle, a cooperative deck building game of witchcraft and wizardry for 2-4 players. In Hogwarts Battle, players take on the role of Harry, Ron, Hermione, or Neville, learning spells, collecting items, and recruiting allies to fight villains and defend against dark arts events. The goal of the game is to win, and you and your friends win by successfully defeating every villain before they gain control over the wizarding world.

As you win games, you progress through your years at Hogwarts, unlocking new cards and gaining powerful new abilities as you encounter tougher villains. You begin your journey as a humble first-year Hogwarts student, with access to only the simplest of spells, your loyal pet, and some items specific to your character. This makes up your starting deck, and 5 cards from that make your starting hand. Your turn begins with one dark arts event, which do bad things like damage your character, discard part of your hand, or give villains more control over the wizarding world. Then the active villain attacks you, resolving their ability.

After that, it’s time to play cards from your hand and use resources, in any order. Some cards give you attack, a resource that can be used to weaken villains. Once players have collectively dealt enough damage to the villain, that villain’s defeated, giving all players a reward. Trevor can be used to either heal or attack, and Neville chooses to attack the villain. Other cards have influence, which allows you to acquire more powerful cards. Neville’s Remembrall and 3 Alohomora’s give him 4 influence that he can use to learn Reparo, placing it in his discard pile.

At the end of your turn, place all the cards in your hand or play area in the discard pile, and throw out any extra attack or influence. If you defeated a villain this turn, draw a new villain from the stack. If the villains have enough control tokens on the current location, reveal the next location. You lose if there are no more locations. Now replace any cards you bought this turn, and draw a new hand of five cards from your deck. It’s now the next player’s turn.

At the end of your second turn, you’ll be out of cards to draw, so you’ll shuffle your discard pile and move it over to your deck pile. Now you’ll be able to draw those powerful cards you bought earlier. Beware, if you ever run out of health. you’ll be stunned, forcing you to discard half your cards rounded down. You’ll lose any resources you might have gained from other players’ turns, and add one control to the current location.

You’ll have 0 health until the end of the active player’s turn, after which you’ll go back up to maximum health. And that’s the game! When the last villain’s defeated, you win! Open the next game’s box, and follow the instructions inside… Ready to play your first game? Open the Game 1 box.

Choose your hero and grab that character’s starting deck, the cards with his or her name on the bottom, putting the other characters and starting decks away. Shuffle the dark arts, villains, Hogwarts cards, and your own deck. Place the locations in order, and draw the first villain. Give yourself 10 health, and draw 5 cards. The youngest aspiring witch or wizard goes first If you liked Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle, you might also like Dominion, Legendary, and Ascension, three more games that use the deck-building mechanic. You might also like other co-op games like Pandemic, Eldritch Horror or Flash Point: Fire Rescue.

If you enjoyed this video, consider liking it, or subscribing to the Rules Girl for more ultra-concise rules explanations.

How To Sign Up at a Casino

Step One: find the casino that’s right for you through our bomb platform, Online Casinos Canada. There, you’ll find loads of reviews of legitimate online casinos that cater specifically to us awesome Canadians. Some casinos, like Beltway, are “instant play” – meaning you don’t need to install software on your computer to play them. Rather, you play completely online. To sign up for these types of casinos, click on the button on the homepage that says either “Sign Up”, “Open Account” or “Play Now.” The site will prompt you to create an account with a unique username, password, valid email address, personal and contact details and preferred language and currency. Then you’ll be asked to accept the Casino policy, but make sure to stay awake reading those Terms and Conditions before you do. Then hit the “Register” button and you have yourself an account! Congrats, and now navigate to this website to learn and win more.

Now, depending on the casino, you can play for fun. Or if you want to hop right on the gravy train, you can place some bets! But, as they say, you need money to make money. So first things first: deposit money into your account. Click the Account tab or Bank button, and then the option to “make a deposit «that follows. You’ll be sent to a secure page, where you can safely choose and pay through your preferred payment option. Your account balance should adjust instantly. Online casinos that are not instant play require you to download their free software. To play these, click the “Download Software” or “Download Casino” button on the casino home page. Then click on the .exe file that appears at the bottom left of your browser and choose “run” when Windows prompts you if you want to run the file. Finally, hit the “install” button, sign into the software with your username and password and you’re good to go.

UFC 207: Hot Betting Tips

The UFC will close the year in style with the absolutely stacked UFC 207 from Las Vegas. Justin and I broke down the main and co-main event in another video so check that out on our YouTube channel but right now we’re here with some picks for the rest of the card. So just, enough beating around the bush here start us off with a guaranteed money maker. Well I rarely go this route but I’m gonna do something a little different. I say go to the fight past take under two and a half rounds between Marvin Vettori and Antonio Carlos Jr. Now both are submission guys, Jr. specifically is a BJJ black belt has also been a multiple time world champion.

Now Vettori is very aggressive on the ground and this can leave him open on several occasions and a very skilled grappler like Junior should be able to capitalize on that. Worst-case Vettori will find the neck somewhere. I cannot see this fight going to the decision. There’s 2 underdogs that I really like on this card and the first one is Fabrico Werdum who is in the +175 range over Cain Velesquez.

I’m not sure what oddsmakers are thinking with this one but maybe they missed the first fight between the two, where Werdum gave Velasquez the worst beat down of his career. A lot of excuses were made for Cain but he was beaten in every facet of the fight before he gets submitted in the third round and I really feel that Werdum is one of the top value bets of the entire year in this fight. I also like Mike Pyle +135 over Alex Garcia.

Both fighters were on a bit of a skid but i think this is another good value spot for bettors. It’s been almost a year and a half since Garcia has won a fight and Pyle’s been profitable in the spot before as four of his last eight UFC wins came as an underdog. Justin set us up with another pick.

Well you know what I’m actually gonna go on Werdum as well. He’s still arguably the best BJJ practitioner in MMA today and his striking has made huge strides under Rafael Cordero at Kings MMA. Now the only thing that does give me some pause is he’s actually gone and started his own gym now. He’s obviously excellent value but but sometimes you have to wonder when a guy starts from gym for the first time in his life after training so successfully at another one if that’s going to distract and maybe take away from skills but I don’t think you’re going to get a better line than that on Werdum. Thank you very much Justin and that is it for UFC 207 picks but if you want more check out Justin’s article during fight week where he’ll give his predictions for each fight on the main card. You can get more betting tips and info on just hit the read more button below.

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Online Casinos: Download vs. Instant Play

Some casinos, especially canadian, are only playable through download, others are only playable online, and some others give you the option to play through either download or online.
So if your casino has both, which do you choose?
For some of you, that is. Mac and Linux users, your systems don’t support the downloadablesoftware, so don’t waste your time here. Head straight to instant play and have fun!
The rest of you … keep reading! And closely. It all comes down to your playing habits and the shortcomings you can live with.
Download: While you need an internet connection to register, deposit or cash out when playing on downloaded software, you don’t need a fast connection – which, if you know the grief of my service provider, is a GOD SEND. You don’t have to log in; the graphics and sound quality are way superior, the games are glitch-free and run faster and sometimes there’s a larger selection of games.
But you can’t play on any device other than your own; it takes up space on your drive, you’re unlikely to install more than one casino’s software, and you risk downloading malware.
Instant Play: It’s rad that you don’t have to download software, which means no filling up storage space, no risk of malware and no tedious install procedure. You can play anywhere, anytime on any device and operating system. If you’re a beginner still looking for the right casino or like to bet on different casinos, you should most definitely opt for instant play. Then again, you have to log in every time, the graphics are meh, and you need a fast internet connection if you’re going to avoid constant freezing and jerking. It seems though that the download option is slowly becoming a thing of the past. But if you’re a nerd with a service provider like mine, you will download purely to experience greater graphic quality and speed.
So did you make your choice?
Remember, choose wisely for while the true path will bring you life, the false path will take it from you. Just kidding.
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Bingo in UK

As the web has become an increasingly more potent part of the British economy, a number of massive industries have risen up to prove that online business really is big business in the United Kingdom. The UK providers that create the games for the massively popular online bingo sites of today have been broadening their scope and partnering with a number of other industries across the media world, one of the most recent being the radio industry. The Heart Group of radio stations in the UK is presently joining up with Gamesys software provider that is a leader in the online bingo white label solutions industry, making software that other companies can use to provide their own games to the specific customer base they are used to working with. The deal is set to be a lucrative one for both parties, joining two areas of expertise to create a unique bingo experience for the target audience of radio listeners who regularly tune in to the Heart Group stations.

Since Gamesys is the entity behind the power house of online bingo sites JackpotJoy, they are bringing a level of skill in implementing gaming solutions that many experts say is unrivaled in the web bingo world. They have previously worked with major publishers in the news media industry such as The Sun and News of the World, bringing new sites online on a regular basis. Commentators have expressed a positive view of the venture and believe that it may well do as much in business as the papers if not even more due to the broader gr4oup of listeners.

Bingo name stuck and shortly after this, Lowe began to seek out math specialists to help him develop the game into a fuller experience for the players. Once he had the cards worked out, he began to license the game out to others and it took off far faster than anyone might have guessed.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope, you have learned something new. I really enjoy sharing my passion with you. Be sure to check other articles about games and casino. Stay tuned for new materials. Be responsive with your game and your money, Good luck, and don`t forget to have fun!

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How to Win at the Slots

Slot machines are strictly games of “chance”, based on the “luck of the draw” and whose outcome varies over one hundred times a second. How is that possible? Unless a gambler is playing a game on a vintage or “retro” slot machine still driven by gears and reels, they will be relying on something called Random Number Generation, or RNG.

In all modern slot machines RNG computer software determines the outcome of every single “pull”. This means that before a gambler sits down at a machine to play, the RNG software is churning out over one hundred numbers each minute. At the fraction of a second it takes for the player to hit or pull the lever to play, the software locks into the correct set of numbers.

While the process of how the numbers chosen are used is a bit complicated, and can best be described using a chart, the end result is a series of signals sent to the reels telling them where to stop. Experts agree that RNG is a safe and effective method of delivering a fair and even chance at winning to every player who plays the game.

The first suggestion is to work with a budget. Slot machines are addictive to even the most self-controlled people, so set aside a limited pool of funds and stick with it.

A second suggestion is to investigate exactly how “tight” or “loose” any casino’s slot machines actually are. This means finding out what their payback percentage is; information that can usually be found printed on each machine. Payback amounts are the percentage of bets that a casino returns to their players, taken as an average. Most casinos are obliged to set machines at nothing less than seventy five percent payback to a player. However, the gambling industry is very competitive and most casinos set their machines significantly higher as a way of keeping clientele.

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Different Types of Casino Online Bonuses

Online casinos are comparatively cheaper. However, land casinos are expensive and cannot be used again and again by an average person. Online websites have lower overhead costs as they don’t have to invest in machines and huge rooms and all the overhead facilities present in the land casinos.

There are many types of online casino bonuses, check best one here from new zealand experts. Usually, bonuses includes new player bonus, lofty bonus, inviting new participant bonus, monthly bonus, preferred type bonuses etc. 

The wagering requirements are also to be taken note of while claiming the bonus. The online casino bonus offers are luring to the customers. The websites use it as a marketing tactic.

There are bonuses which are given as a percentage of your deposit. This can range from 50-100% too. Hence you can enjoy extra money apart from your own money and enjoy higher jackpots and rewards.

The bonuses are different for different games and also differ from website to website. The bonus codes are given to access and withdraw it. Also there is a validity period for each bonus. The websites are very stringent in their rules and regulations.

Since there is no one- on- one interaction with the website owners. One must read all the terms and conditions on the website, even those in small prints. This will give a leeway to the players to stay away from the websites which do not suit their requirements.

There are loyalty bonuses given to the loyal customers who have wagered a number of games and stayed with the casino website by depositing good amount of money with them.

Also, sometime the casino websites ask some of the regular players to deposit on certain occasions and then give preferential bonuses to them. This is just a way to give them surprises.

Whether you are playing a poker game downloaded, or you are playing a simple roulette games where the misses are low and hence it is easy to tank the casinos money fast, or you are playing blackjack which requires certain intelligent skill sets, it is all on your common sense how you are going to make the most out of the money to get loads of profit with less number of events of losses.

The moment you come to know that there is some suspicious activity going on like website being rigged and you are getting lower RTP (Return to Players) than the amount deposited, it is easy to switch onto other better websites.

Some people sign up in many websites together and enjoy more number of bonus advantage.

Hence few tactics, intelligence and sound knowledge, making use of mathematical probability techniques will fetch you good results and make the utmost of the free money you receive to increase it manifolds.

Like any entertainment activity online casino bonus offers are given just to add the fun element and hence one must not get addicted to it.

How to Play Casino Game Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most trendy online online casino game. It has been around seeing that the beginning of the 17th Century and even prior, very likely originating from Spain. The game is modest to understand and very convenient to gain knowledge of.

Blackjack is one of the most preferred card games in the online casino world. In its normal form, it has been around seeing that the commencing of the 17th Century and even earlier, almost certainly originating from Spain. With all most all online casinos avid gamers get to play the latest and effortless-to-use Blackjack sport ever.

The sport is modest to realize and very handy to be trained. The target of Blackjack recreation is to get the total price of the playing cards within the hand as virtually 21 as feasible, without going over 21. The hand with the absolute best whole wins. If the complete value of cards is 22 or more, the hand loses instantly.

Playing cards from 2 to 10 are valued at their face value. Jack, Queen and King are all worth 10. The worth of the Ace is 11 until this may purpose you to bust, wherein case it’s valued at 1. A hand the place the value of Aces counted as eleven is referred to as a tender hand, given that it are not able to be busted if the player draws an extra card.

Your goal is to beat the supplier through having the larger, unbusted hand. Be aware that in the event you bust, you lose, even supposing the seller additionally busts. When you and the vendor have equal elements, it’s referred to as a PUSH, and neither of you wins the hand.

After the preliminary bets are placed (between £1 and £ 500), the vendor deals the cards from six decks of cards, all blended collectively. The supplier gives two playing cards to you and also two to himself. Some of the purchasers two cards is face-up, the opposite is face down, this is referred to as the gap CARD.

You might have a variety of choices to decide upon from after the first two playing cards are dealt out. You’re instructed to take the buyers obvious card into consideration in making your selection to HIT or STAND. Players will in general stand on whatever from 16 to 21, and can frequently take a hit on something 11 and below. Avid gamers can hit as frequently as they want provided they don no longer go over 21. Trace: taking multiple hits is a calculated danger that need to be taken if the supplier is displaying a strong up card equivalent to a face card or an Ace.

Upon getting completed making selections, the supplier reveals the gap card and plays the hand. If the purchasers total amount is between 17 and 21, the supplier ought to STAND; that means he cannot hit any further cards. If the total quantity of his cards is equal or less that 16, the supplier will continue to hit playing cards except he reaches a complete amount of 17 or more. As soon as he exceeds 21, the vendor loses the game and also you win the bet.

A two-card hand of 21, simply as an ace plus a ten-worth card is called a Blackjack or a ordinary, and is an automatic winner, until the seller has Blackjack as well.

How to Choose Mobile Casino

Online casinos have an exceptional number of benefits over land-based casinos and that’s why they are so popular. They retailer gamblers time and open a new fantastic world of online gambling.This present day cellular playing is having fun with its reputation for special reasons. Hundreds of thousands of gamblers join one-of-a-kind cellular on line casino web pages and revel in playing at their favorite cellular casino video games. The popularity of mobile gambling is a first-rate however it’s not a thriller. Mobile casinos have a first-rate quantity of advantages over land-based casinos and that’s why they’re so preferred.

Cellular casinos have a pleasant quantity of advantages over online and land-situated casinos. Mobile casinos are quite simply accessible and furnish a high-quality quantity of casino games and bonuses. Each and every cellular casino bonus provides avid gamers with quite a lot of benefits. Cell casinos grew to become trendy due to the vast use of various cellular gadgets.  

These days individuals can’t suppose their lifestyles without various mobile objects: promote telephones, pills, smartphones, p.C. And different handheld instruments. Cellular contraptions producers energy their gadgets with the cutting edge applied sciences which enable users to make use of a satisfactory quantity of more than a few useful options. One of the crucial predominant benefits of mobile casinos is cell casino bonuses. Mobile casino bonuses have their features and earlier than acquiring any cellular online casino bonus, it is essential to get acquainted with the cellular casino bonus terms and stipulations. If you’ll in finding the pleasant cell online casino, that you could learn quite a few know-how about cellular casino bonuses.

Mobile casino internet sites provide a broad range of probably the most fashionable mobile casino games. You’ve got an possibility to enjoy the exceptional cellular on line casino video games of threat and games of skill. The fine mobile casinos present a best number of cell casino slots, cell video poker, mobile roulette and different well known video games.

It must be acknowledged that cell casino games usually are not compatible for all mobile gadgets, because the manufacturers of quite a lot of cell instruments base their objects on various platforms. Except benefits from each mobile casino bonus and a first-rate variety of mobile online casino games, cellular casinos can boast the level of their purchaser’s protection. At the moment mobile casinos hire a finite number of security programs with a view to protect its patrons from hack and unauthorized entry to their financial information. SSL encryption is aimed to guard economic information for the period of transactions. Firewall protects avid gamers account from hack as it’s located on the server of the mobile casino.

The Basic Rules Of Poker Game

Rules for any game are very necessary. There is no single game in this world, which have not rules. There are many reasons for making rules for games. These rules increase the beauty of the game, add interests, stack popularity, and force the player to follow these rules for playing within circles defined by fathers of the games. There are also many other reasons behind it. Same as other games, there are certain rules of poker. These rules may differ in different regions. But this depends on the people, who want to the play in specific boundaries.

In this article, some basic rules of poker’s have been introduced, for those who are professionals and who are newcomers. These rules include Preflop Rules, Poker Hand Rankings, The Fundamental Theorem of Poker, Poker Variants, Hand Groupings, Basic Poker Principles, Starting Hands, Short-Handed Play, Betting Basics, Pay to play, and Understanding Position in Poker, Limit Poker, Rules of Tells, Poker Tournament Rules.

Etiquette Rules, and What Is Low?

Preflop Rule has four rules in its category. All these rules in crux inform you the importance of decisions on your hand Preflop. These rules demand from player decision-making capability, time, maintaining good records, and previous experience.

Poker Hand ranking rule indicates the hand rank of the players. This ranking contains Royal Straight Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a kind, Two Pairs, One Pair, and High card.

The Fundamental Theorem of Poker describes that the information about your opponents cards will lead you to mistake less, than if you do not have information about your opponent cards. If you know your opponent’s cards, then this will help in increasing bet. If your opponent has information about your cards, then he will lead to increase the bet. There are many ways through which this information can be got. The best way is to guess from his facial expressions. This is why this game is not as if other games just follow the rules and win or lose.

There are many variations in Poker. The order is same to play, but there are some differences, which include betting structure, number of dealt cards, hand values and number of betting rounds. Poker game is classified into Draw Poker, Stud Poker, seven stud poker, five card studs, Holdem Poker, Texas Holdem, and Omaha Poker. All these classes have their internal structure of rules.

Learn About Poker Dealer Training

In order to be a successful poker dealer you’ll need to learn all the different facets that come with the trade. It isn’t an easy task unless the education and poker dealer training you receive is of the highest quality and nature. You certainly don’t want to be thrown in the field of not knowing all the required intricacies, rules, practices that will be needed in order to one of the best poker dealers out there. Otherwise, you’ll probably be frog marched out of the building with angry players hurling insults. More importantly, in order to run a successful poker league franchise you’ll have to have these skills in order to successfully teach your staff these rules of the game. Without this knowledge, you’ll be hard pressed to find good people who’ll be able to know what to do and when in a poker environment. Get poker dealer training and train your poker dealers so that this will be ensured.

In order to find the best poker dealer training course you’ll need to make sure the casino dealer training program covers some of the following things.
  • Most people learn visually, make sure the poker dealer training provider you choose has poker training videos. These can be good in order to repeat or relearn a section of the course or for the simple use of brushing up. Photos are also an added bonus.
  • A thorough outline of the rules and regulations from the start of the hand to the finish.
  • The poker dealer training program should have a set of practice questions and examples so that you’re given the opportunity to prove to yourself that you’re ready for actual game play.
  • Information regarding where you can find work in and outside of a casino.

If you’re looking at starting a poker league franchise, you’ll need to know how to deal. It’s that plain and simple. Look for proven and successful companies that provide real casino dealer training in order for you to fully learn yourself but to also help train your poker dealers. Without this knowledge, you’ll never be able to successfully run a poker enterprise. Knowing how to deal and knowing how to teach the art form of dealing will provide a solid foundation for you and your business. And even if you don’t choose to continue along the path of opening a bar poker league, you’ll be able to find work anywhere around the world as a poker dealer.

How To Make Money Running Poker Leagues

With the explosive amount of interest that is now in poker, it may be an ideal time to change your career and capitalize on this growing and huge field of opportunity.  Think about the possibilities!  Instead of dragging your ass to work Monday to Friday, 9 to 5, you could do something a little different and host your own bar poker leagues or online poker leagues.  Forget about the stresses of your current job and the stresses of poker downswings; look into hosting these leagues as an income generator and spinner.  You would enjoy far more freedom that what you would working a normal 9-5 job.  You would meet a varied array of different people typically from all over the world, and running poker leagues may give you the opportunity to travel all around the world as well.

So I guess you’re beginning to wonder how one goes about setting up a poker league and all the things that are involved with it.  You’ll need to get a good understanding as to how a successful poker league operates.  Some of the main duties include:

Player Management – Knowing how to allocate players to certain tournaments, ranking systems, and player prize money allocations for both bar poker leagues and online poker leagues.

Venue Allocation – Choosing the correct venue and how to run the well designed poker leagues through use of these venues.

Dealing Expertise – You’ll need to learn the rules of poker thoroughly as well as the requirements for being a dealer and everything that goes along with it.

Computer Expertise – You’ll have to have a grasp of using computers and various database systems in order to successfully organize the poker leagues.

These are just a few of some of the things you’ll need to learn.  There are a whole host of other duties, and processes you’ll need to learn about and one of the best ways in order to do this is to sign up for a poker education course.  A poker education course will help you gain all the insight required in order to make money in this business but also, you’ll receive first hand experience.  Both the knowledge as well as the experience components will help you run a successful enterprise, in both online poker leagues as well as the conventional bar poker leagues that you could operate.

Forget about the 9 -5 lifestyle, you could do something that you enjoy, but more importantly, you’ll become thoroughly rich doing something that you love.