Casino Story

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I’ve just remembered where I know this street from. Grom GTA of course, GTA San Andreas (a game). We’ve arrived at “The D” hotel, It’s 4AM, the place is stacked with people. Playing on slot machines.

It appears I cannot record here. In Vegas, even the hairdresser cannot be “normal”. This guy is a big fan of heavy-metal music, and rock. Even his look can tell you a lot. On the walls – lots of vinyl covers, posters photos with biggest stars in music industry, and a collection of musical instruments, mainly electric guitars. Surprisingly, usual haircut costs only 10$.

On every step you can find places to marry, sometimes you don’t even have to get out of the car, it’s all handled in a window, just like in McDonald’s. You have 2 main places in Vegas. The Strip, a street which is the heart of modern Vegas, All of the most luxurious hotels are there (like Bellagio and Ceazar’s Pallace), …also famous restaurants like Ramsey Gordon’s and Eiffel Tower Restaurant.

The second place is the “old” Vegas, a street named “Freemont Street Experience” …where our hotel is. The street is almost entirely covered with an enormous, curved LCD screen, …on which 12 million LCD panels light up to show you illuminations, videos, and of course – advertisements. I’m on Freemont Street Experience, …and I’m overwhelmed, We’ve bought a triple drink for 24$. It’s not a place for me. Time to get wasted!

Remember the episode I told you not to worry if somebody calls you a freak? Vegas redefines that term. The more bizarre you are, the better. Look at this guy’s face, he gulps, couldn’t help it xD He’s probably stressed that his wife will see him in the Internet. Boredom, I’m bored!

Of course only for introverts without money… Vegas is also the capital of sex. Sex-shops big like markets, museums …and erotic shows. We are decent people, so we’re not going there of course. (Sally: Oooww, shoes!) On the last day, Sally’s birthday, we’re going to New Vegas, to The Strip. Of course at night, life during the day seems not to exist, …because of terrible heat…and the phenomenon called “hangover”.

It’s Tuesday, 9:00 PM. Vegas is enormous and everywhere you go, you can find an online casinos, especially from Ireland or offline with lots of people in them. And in most cases, all of them mainly loose money.

Top 4 biggest casinos in Vegas have a revenue of more than 1 billion dollars per year EACH, …which is about 2,5 million per day. 2,5 million dollars Americans loose every day, in just one casino. On The Strip there is more than 40 casinos, and more than 100 in whole city. God bless America. Directly from the street you walk in here, …carpets, We’re going to see the Fountains Show… …in front of Bellagio*.

That’s why I don’t like vising big cities. I feel overwhelmed with all of this, …and I cannot fit in. And this is… one of the biggest cities, you can say. Maybe not the biggest, but… … you can’t deny it’s activeness.

I like Old Vegas more, the Freemont Street Experience. We are back to out hotel, We meet a local guy with his friend. Notice how he’s going to refer to playing on slot machines. Locals know there is no point in that. *smells his breath* Unfortunately, our room safe is empty.

Didn’t win anything. I lost 9$ yesterday xD I didn’t plan Vegas at all, …so I don’t have any budget for… …loosing money. That was all I could afford xD Maybe I will go again and play roulette, I have some experience with that but… …nothing major. We’re leaving Freemont St Experience, The D hotel, *translates* And we’re going to Airbnb near the Strip, the new Vegas.

We’re hangover a little bit, so I hope they have Netflix there and I will be able… …to just lay down and relax, …because instead of charging up batteries for the trail, party hard xD We drunk quite some yesterday. We met a funny guy, with his “best friend”, which he was touching and kissing all the time… “But…” “I would never risk a divorce with my wife…” So I had good fun about Vegas people. There are no windows and clocks in casinos, …so the people playing are not able to feel the time passing by. Because of that, the view is always the same, no matter …if it’s morning, evening, or middle of the night. It’s so incredibly hot I cannot believe somebody can live here.

The air is just burning my skin, I didn’t experience anything like that on PCT desert, Apparently, it’s a hotter desert here, In fact, Nevada is mainly a desert I suppose, …and it’s summer. It’s 21st of June today. So it’s summer already. But it’s so incredibly hot, I would like not to have anything in common with this place soon.

We’re walking by a classic McDonald’s, …build probably in the beginning of the company, ..when they used to build them with yellow arcs. And that’s how McDonnald’s logo was invented. It’s 42℃ (108℉) in shade.

We’re having problems with leaving Vegas. We’ve been standing for 3 hours, …in a good place and nobody stopped, I had an impression from people looking, if you don’t have money (a car) here, are nobody. That’s my impression, they were turning back, Just some of them were waving, or smiling.

Nobody stopped, so we’re back at McDonald’s, After analyzing our situation, I came with an idea that… …maybe because we didn’t have a chance to take a picture with the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign… …the city doesn’t want us to leave. So we ordered Uber to get there, we made a quick photo, and now we’re next to Shelby Museum, If you don’t know, Shelby is a museum of work and life, of a car designer named Shelby. But I’m not gonna lengthen this episode, …so the material from Shelby Museum will be in next, special episode.