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Annoying Gamers: Games and Casinos

I purposefully stopped myself from buying games because I mean I was like a drug addict. If the game is in my house, I’m gonna play it. No matter how hard I try to. Even if someone hides it for me I’m gonna sniff it out. I guess that would make me more like a dog actually. But like an addict dog. I mean it’s definitely not as bad as before but I once again gave into my demon that is gaming. And even though it’s been a while I think because I was so into gaming in the past that once I started gaming again, it was just like riding a bike. I went through all the stages that most gamers go through in less than a week. And I love gambling and gaming very much, only check the bcasino review by, they reviewed and analyze a lot of casinos online and create a ranking of the best online casinos. If you ever really got into a game you know exactly what stages I’m talking about.

Stage one is like when you first start playing and you’re all like: I don’t get it, I’m just playing for fun. oh I died? Haha who cares? Stage two you’re like: Yeah I kinda got it, this is starting to get fun, yeah. Stage three: Got it down. I am starting to get pretty good. Stage four: I am really good actually wow. Stage five: I am… damn good! This is getting serious, this is not a game anymore. And of course, Stage six: THIS IS NOT A GAME ANYMORE, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! If you ever really been into gaming, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Don’t even try to deny it, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, it happens to the best of us.

THE BEST OF US! Anyway, If you guys don’t already know I make these videos off things that really inspire me. And after such a long time, playing online has really inspired me. Not the games, but the people. The gaming world can be the most fun place ever. But at the same time, if you’re going to join it, you also have to deal with the most annoying people ever.

The thing is, when I was playing video games a few years ago it was already bad. It is worse now. There was always the same types of annoying people, but now there’s just more of them. And that’s why today I’m going to be talking about the most annoying gamers on the internet. MAGOTI It makes way more sense to say “Most annoying gamers online.”

But MAGO just sounds dumb… MAGOTI And because I already know I’m going to get comments about this, before I get started; I know a lot of these examples are gonna be geared around guys, and it’s not meant to be sexist at all. I know gaming isn’t all guys, there’s girl gamers too, alright? But these were inspired from real personal experiences, and majority of the time, if not… all the time, it was a guy. And let’s just be real, there are more guy gamers than there are girls.

At least for the games I’m going to be talking about. It’s not sexist, it’s just a fact. That sounded bad; it’s not- that wasn’t sexist, I- what- you I’m scared. Gender Equality!

So this is the most obvious one, so I’ll just get it out of the way. At this point, everybody knows what a Troll is, you don’t have to be a gamer to know what that is. “To upset or anger other people.” There are Trolls everywhere, but in gaming they are the most successful. Not only can they annoy you with words, But in a way they can also annoy you physically. Like they can actually ruin gameplay by doing things like: Purposefully blocking you so you can’t move anywhere, or friendly-firing: when you hurt your own teammates.

And of course you can’t forget that Trolls also love to verbally annoy you as well. They pretty much all just use the same nine-year-old tactics. Like mocking everything you say in a stupid voice. C’mon dude, we’ve gotta go get that flag. “Get the flag.

It’s okay dude, it happens to the best of us. Your mom is the best. This next guy I call the Shitake Mushroom because mushrooms are a fungus, and that’s exactly what this guy is. A [Bleep]talking fungus that is a menace to the game. Unlike the Troll, Shitake Mushrooms aren’t trying to ruin the game for you. They take the game seriously.

So seriously the moment something bad happens they begin to Shitake the entire rest of the game. I actually think these guys are even more stupid than the Trolls. Cuz almost every single one of them uses the exact same, unoriginal, overly used insults and phrases every single time. “Speak English you Chinese mother[Bleep]!”

“Speak English you gay mother[Bleep]!” Yeah, I’m from the US, but I’m not gonna lie. The majority of the Shitake Mushrooms that I came across, Ninety percent American. But that also could just be the server I play in, so… Or maybe that’s just because I can’t understand the other languages, but you guys can let me know. If you don’t know what a noob is by now, then you’re a NOOB That right there is exactly what noob callers do.

A noob is someone new to the game. And noob callers are people who absolutely must let you and everyone else in the game know that he, or she (Gender Equality) is a noob. Or at least plays like one. And noob callers are kinda like YouTube comments. They look for every single little mistake so that they can call you out on it. Wow this is so fake, at 6:36 you can clearly see the fishing line.

they messed up, they were clearly wearing a different shirt earlier. Uh, did anyone else notice that he spelled the word “the” wrong in the title for “The Noob Caller”? Yeah, we did that on purpose.

So who’s the noob now? That’s right, NOOB People who go AFK, or Away From Keyboard may not sound like the most annoying thing in the world. But when you’re playing a game online and you’re playing with other people, going AFK mid-game is not just annoying, it’s really rude. I mean, if you’re not going to be playing, go play Single Player. Go play with yourself. That’s what she said.

Or he, as well. If you’re gonna play online, you’re playing with real people, so commit to it. Imagine going AFK in real life, like say if you’re on a date.

So tell me, I mean, what was it like? The wedding was beautiful, like even though it was hot, there was a lot of dancing… Or going AFK when you’re driving your friends. Hey, where are we going? I think we just missed the turn. Or even going AFK when you’re vlogging- This guy is so damn good and so good at everything that if he ever loses or gets anything wrong it’s never his fault. Ever.

In fact most of the time it’s guys. So when a gamer-girl reveals she’s a girl by either talking on the mic, or her username or profile picture, whatever. That’s when these guys come out: the Desperate Guys. And these guys are all the same they do whatever it takes to get the girl’s attention but just in slightly different ways. First off, you’ve got the Suck-ups. They go out of their way to compliment every single little thing she does well, and cheer her up for every little thing she does wrong.

Nice shot! Good Job! Best kill I’ve seen all day! Or you got the Try-hard Guys. These are the guys who try to impress the girls by saying how good they are at this game normally, but this is just their off-day. Yeah this is uh…

This is actually my low level account, uh I have three high ranking accounts like Challenger, Global Elite It’s not really a big deal or anything… And of course, just like anywhere else on the internet you got the Douches. Hey. Hi.

I’ve got two words for you, What? Let’s [Bleep]! I mean it’s pretty self-explanatory, these people are the reason why the mute button was invented. And sometimes they’re not even doing it on purpose, they’re just annoying by accident.

They’re unaware their mic is a little too close and we can hear every single breath that they take. They get a little too into the game so they start shouting which like, blows the speakers in your headphones. They talk on the phone or like, to anyone else in the room with their mic on so that we all have to listen to it.

And of course my favorite of all the mic DJ, the guy who likes to play music for everyone through his mic. Keep your music to yourself. That one guy on the team that always gets so mad at everyone else because they’re not doing exactly what he told them to do. He thinks he’s so much better than everyone else in the team and we all should be following his exact orders.

I don’t think it is, I think I just made that up. When I make a movie one day, that’s going in. Stat Whores are people that only care about their stats. They do whatever it takes to have a good score but have no consideration for the team whatsoever. And last but not least, and one of the most irritating, The Rage Quitters When things aren’t going their way, they just quit.

But these are just regular quitters. It’s exactly how it sounds, they’re quitters with RAGE. If you don’t know what that means, here are some examples in real life. That piece of food won’t come off the dish?

RAGE QUIT! Just tied your shoes and the laces came untied again? RAGE QUIT! You didn’t get to complete your entire poop and now you have to keep wiping over and over and over? Is that a flash- You see annoying gamers are like a virus, the more you come in contact with them, the more likely it’s going to spread and create even more annoying gamers until well, that’s all there is left. So please, won’t you join me?

The gaming world is already a dark place as it is. Let’s end this vicious cycle of hate. Help us prevent the spread of annoying gamers by spreading love and happiness. and joy, and… Wow, thank you. Y’know, if you didn’t do that, I would’ve stooped to his level. I would’ve shot him, I would’ve friendly-fired.

Casino Story

online casino

I’ve just remembered where I know this street from. Grom GTA of course, GTA San Andreas (a game). We’ve arrived at “The D” hotel, It’s 4AM, the place is stacked with people. Playing on slot machines.

It appears I cannot record here. In Vegas, even the hairdresser cannot be “normal”. This guy is a big fan of heavy-metal music, and rock. Even his look can tell you a lot. On the walls – lots of vinyl covers, posters photos with biggest stars in music industry, and a collection of musical instruments, mainly electric guitars. Surprisingly, usual haircut costs only 10$.

On every step you can find places to marry, sometimes you don’t even have to get out of the car, it’s all handled in a window, just like in McDonald’s. You have 2 main places in Vegas. The Strip, a street which is the heart of modern Vegas, All of the most luxurious hotels are there (like Bellagio and Ceazar’s Pallace), …also famous restaurants like Ramsey Gordon’s and Eiffel Tower Restaurant.

The second place is the “old” Vegas, a street named “Freemont Street Experience” …where our hotel is. The street is almost entirely covered with an enormous, curved LCD screen, …on which 12 million LCD panels light up to show you illuminations, videos, and of course – advertisements. I’m on Freemont Street Experience, …and I’m overwhelmed, We’ve bought a triple drink for 24$. It’s not a place for me. Time to get wasted!

Remember the episode I told you not to worry if somebody calls you a freak? Vegas redefines that term. The more bizarre you are, the better. Look at this guy’s face, he gulps, couldn’t help it xD He’s probably stressed that his wife will see him in the Internet. Boredom, I’m bored!

Of course only for introverts without money… Vegas is also the capital of sex. Sex-shops big like markets, museums …and erotic shows. We are decent people, so we’re not going there of course. (Sally: Oooww, shoes!) On the last day, Sally’s birthday, we’re going to New Vegas, to The Strip. Of course at night, life during the day seems not to exist, …because of terrible heat…and the phenomenon called “hangover”.

It’s Tuesday, 9:00 PM. Vegas is enormous and everywhere you go, you can find an online casinos, especially from Ireland or offline with lots of people in them. And in most cases, all of them mainly loose money.

Top 4 biggest casinos in Vegas have a revenue of more than 1 billion dollars per year EACH, …which is about 2,5 million per day. 2,5 million dollars Americans loose every day, in just one casino. On The Strip there is more than 40 casinos, and more than 100 in whole city. God bless America. Directly from the street you walk in here, …carpets, We’re going to see the Fountains Show… …in front of Bellagio*.

That’s why I don’t like vising big cities. I feel overwhelmed with all of this, …and I cannot fit in. And this is… one of the biggest cities, you can say. Maybe not the biggest, but… … you can’t deny it’s activeness.

I like Old Vegas more, the Freemont Street Experience. We are back to out hotel, We meet a local guy with his friend. Notice how he’s going to refer to playing on slot machines. Locals know there is no point in that. *smells his breath* Unfortunately, our room safe is empty.

Didn’t win anything. I lost 9$ yesterday xD I didn’t plan Vegas at all, …so I don’t have any budget for… …loosing money. That was all I could afford xD Maybe I will go again and play roulette, I have some experience with that but… …nothing major. We’re leaving Freemont St Experience, The D hotel, *translates* And we’re going to Airbnb near the Strip, the new Vegas.

We’re hangover a little bit, so I hope they have Netflix there and I will be able… …to just lay down and relax, …because instead of charging up batteries for the trail, party hard xD We drunk quite some yesterday. We met a funny guy, with his “best friend”, which he was touching and kissing all the time… “But…” “I would never risk a divorce with my wife…” So I had good fun about Vegas people. There are no windows and clocks in casinos, …so the people playing are not able to feel the time passing by. Because of that, the view is always the same, no matter …if it’s morning, evening, or middle of the night. It’s so incredibly hot I cannot believe somebody can live here.

The air is just burning my skin, I didn’t experience anything like that on PCT desert, Apparently, it’s a hotter desert here, In fact, Nevada is mainly a desert I suppose, …and it’s summer. It’s 21st of June today. So it’s summer already. But it’s so incredibly hot, I would like not to have anything in common with this place soon.

We’re walking by a classic McDonald’s, …build probably in the beginning of the company, ..when they used to build them with yellow arcs. And that’s how McDonnald’s logo was invented. It’s 42℃ (108℉) in shade.

We’re having problems with leaving Vegas. We’ve been standing for 3 hours, …in a good place and nobody stopped, I had an impression from people looking, if you don’t have money (a car) here, are nobody. That’s my impression, they were turning back, Just some of them were waving, or smiling.

Nobody stopped, so we’re back at McDonald’s, After analyzing our situation, I came with an idea that… …maybe because we didn’t have a chance to take a picture with the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign… …the city doesn’t want us to leave. So we ordered Uber to get there, we made a quick photo, and now we’re next to Shelby Museum, If you don’t know, Shelby is a museum of work and life, of a car designer named Shelby. But I’m not gonna lengthen this episode, …so the material from Shelby Museum will be in next, special episode.

How To Sign Up at a Casino

Step One: find the casino that’s right for you through our bomb platform, Online Casinos Canada. There, you’ll find loads of reviews of legitimate online casinos that cater specifically to us awesome Canadians. Some casinos, like Beltway, are “instant play” – meaning you don’t need to install software on your computer to play them. Rather, you play completely online. To sign up for these types of casinos, click on the button on the homepage that says either “Sign Up”, “Open Account” or “Play Now.” The site will prompt you to create an account with a unique username, password, valid email address, personal and contact details and preferred language and currency. Then you’ll be asked to accept the Casino policy, but make sure to stay awake reading those Terms and Conditions before you do. Then hit the “Register” button and you have yourself an account! Congrats, and now navigate to this website to learn and win more.

Now, depending on the casino, you can play for fun. Or if you want to hop right on the gravy train, you can place some bets! But, as they say, you need money to make money. So first things first: deposit money into your account. Click the Account tab or Bank button, and then the option to “make a deposit «that follows. You’ll be sent to a secure page, where you can safely choose and pay through your preferred payment option. Your account balance should adjust instantly. Online casinos that are not instant play require you to download their free software. To play these, click the “Download Software” or “Download Casino” button on the casino home page. Then click on the .exe file that appears at the bottom left of your browser and choose “run” when Windows prompts you if you want to run the file. Finally, hit the “install” button, sign into the software with your username and password and you’re good to go.

Bingo in UK

As the web has become an increasingly more potent part of the British economy, a number of massive industries have risen up to prove that online business really is big business in the United Kingdom. The UK providers that create the games for the massively popular online bingo sites of today have been broadening their scope and partnering with a number of other industries across the media world, one of the most recent being the radio industry. The Heart Group of radio stations in the UK is presently joining up with Gamesys software provider that is a leader in the online bingo white label solutions industry, making software that other companies can use to provide their own games to the specific customer base they are used to working with. The deal is set to be a lucrative one for both parties, joining two areas of expertise to create a unique bingo experience for the target audience of radio listeners who regularly tune in to the Heart Group stations.

Since Gamesys is the entity behind the power house of online bingo sites JackpotJoy, they are bringing a level of skill in implementing gaming solutions that many experts say is unrivaled in the web bingo world. They have previously worked with major publishers in the news media industry such as The Sun and News of the World, bringing new sites online on a regular basis. Commentators have expressed a positive view of the venture and believe that it may well do as much in business as the papers if not even more due to the broader gr4oup of listeners.

Bingo name stuck and shortly after this, Lowe began to seek out math specialists to help him develop the game into a fuller experience for the players. Once he had the cards worked out, he began to license the game out to others and it took off far faster than anyone might have guessed.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope, you have learned something new. I really enjoy sharing my passion with you. Be sure to check other articles about games and casino. Stay tuned for new materials. Be responsive with your game and your money, Good luck, and don`t forget to have fun!

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How to Win at the Slots

Slot machines are strictly games of “chance”, based on the “luck of the draw” and whose outcome varies over one hundred times a second. How is that possible? Unless a gambler is playing a game on a vintage or “retro” slot machine still driven by gears and reels, they will be relying on something called Random Number Generation, or RNG.

In all modern slot machines RNG computer software determines the outcome of every single “pull”. This means that before a gambler sits down at a machine to play, the RNG software is churning out over one hundred numbers each minute. At the fraction of a second it takes for the player to hit or pull the lever to play, the software locks into the correct set of numbers.

While the process of how the numbers chosen are used is a bit complicated, and can best be described using a chart, the end result is a series of signals sent to the reels telling them where to stop. Experts agree that RNG is a safe and effective method of delivering a fair and even chance at winning to every player who plays the game.

The first suggestion is to work with a budget. Slot machines are addictive to even the most self-controlled people, so set aside a limited pool of funds and stick with it.

A second suggestion is to investigate exactly how “tight” or “loose” any casino’s slot machines actually are. This means finding out what their payback percentage is; information that can usually be found printed on each machine. Payback amounts are the percentage of bets that a casino returns to their players, taken as an average. Most casinos are obliged to set machines at nothing less than seventy five percent payback to a player. However, the gambling industry is very competitive and most casinos set their machines significantly higher as a way of keeping clientele.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope, you have learned something new. I really enjoy sharing my passion with you. Be sure to check other articles about casino. Stay tuned for new materials. Be responsive with your game and your money, Good luck, and don`t forget to have fun!